By way of introduction

A couple of years ago I decided I needed a hobby. Actually, circumstance demanded that I get a hobby. After a small mishap involving a staircase, a car door, and a slippery DVD,
I found myself in a leg cast with nothing to do. Fortunately, I received as a gift one of those “Teach Yourself to Knit” kits from the craft store. After a half dozen hours, I had four inches of what was supposed to be a scarf, but looked more like Swiss cheese.

Despite its poor result, thatincident formed within me a nearly primal desire to create. The rest of that long winter, as well as the ones since were spent learning the proper execution of this ancient art.

Now, my desire to create has spread to other crafts—canning, cooking, soap making, candle making, gardening—any and every thing. Sometimes the results are amazing, other times humorous, but never boring.

I hope to share this fascination with others and perhaps learn something new along the way.


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