We’ve already had snow!

It’s only November and it has already snowed.

Of course, this wouldn’t be news if I were still living  in Illinois, but its big news in the South where a few inches of snow can shut down schools and businesses for days. Unfortunately the scant inch of snow did not give the kids or adults a snow day, but it did give me the opportunity to perform my favorite cozy winter ritual–Knitting while watching a movie.

The Knitting

A brown cable knit scarf that I have been trying to finish for the last six months.  I just can’t bring myself to knit when it’s not cold outside. Right now, it is l-o-n-g, but I don’t want a tiny bit of  extra yarn left over.  I’m sure I will finish it this winter. Unlike in the illustration, I knit in the standard style with the needles facing up, not the continental style with the needles facing down and I like more comfortable chairs to do my knitting. There’s nothing better than sitting in a leather chair watching a movie and knitting. Well, there are several better things, but this is pretty near the top.

The Movie: North and South (2004)

This is my perennial winter favorite. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Gaskell. In my opinion, the movie is actually better than the book. Both center around  the social and economic struggle the industrial revolution brought to 19th century England. Margaret Hale, a beautiful Southern ‘lady of quality,’ and her family are forced to move to the bleak and industrial North when her father decides to leave his position as parson and become a secular teacher.


In the North,  she meets a rich, but brutal cotton mill owner, John Thornton as well as members of his work force who decide to go on strike.  With all the cotton floating around from the cotton factory, it is the best movie to watch while it snows outside!


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