Blog Spotlight: Cheeky Bums (spoiler, it’s awesome)

I really love this new site CheekyBums. It is so well written. I decided to spotlight this blog because the values they have definitely resonant with me!  All I can say is that’s great. I just thought I would share it! The idea of mixing the new with the old–of repeating history, but with a new flare.  It kind of reminds me of my About page for Eden’s Rivers.  Here is an excerpt from CheekyBums.

“CheekyBums is the hybrid of vintage and modern – we wanted to create both a marketplace (coming 2.2.12!) and a resource blog for parents that want to raise their kids the vintage way – not just in style (although we have some vintage duds coming to our market!) – but in a way that reflects the “vintage” values that we seem to have lost in our fast-paced-plastic-laden-techno-savvy world.”

via About Us.

What we can learn from the past

It seems like we are all looking to return to something better. The convenience of the modern world is amazing and wonderful, but sometimes we all need something real and to remember the ways of those who came before us. Having blogs like this prove that  it is possible to have both!  I hope that both CheekyBums and Eden’s Rivers can help spread the word!

...we should use today.


2 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Cheeky Bums (spoiler, it’s awesome)

  1. Andrea – thanks SOOO much for the spotlight! I love your blog and you’ve put a lot of work into this – it’s great! so glad we’re traveling the same all-natural path! all the best! – kelsi (at

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