Is there anything better than cookies?

English: Chewy Ginger Cookies See Recipe Photo...

Yummy Cookies

My dear Big Sister came over today with a gift….

As you can probably guess from the title, it was cookies. But, these were not just cookies, they were the best cookies one could hope to receive. The edges had a light crunch by a pillow-like soft inside that just melts. Yummy. These handmade? (I never look a gift horse in the mouth) pumpkin spice cookies were literally good enough to write about.  These cookies had to perfect amount of sweetness combined with those spices you know from pumpkin pie, and I love pumpkin pie.

I found these cookies on my desk with a little note surrounded by hearts. Yes, my Big Sister is super sentimental and wonderful. We’ve always been close (so close that people always asked us if we were twins although she is 7 years older than me) but she recently got married and, of course that changed our relationship a little.

But, this was a present out of nowhere. There is something about a gift that is unexpected that makes it so much better than a gift for a holiday or a birthday. It is better because it means that the person is thinking about you and not about some preconceived need to purchase a present whether you like thet person or not.

My Big Sister was also one of the first brave souls to try my soap. After expounding on the ‘dangers of lye heavy soap’  I sent her home with one of my newly christened 4 week old soap babies. I believe the scent was rose and anise. She bravely and dutifully tried the soap and became a believer. Now she is a proud supporter of Eden’s Rivers.

Two small teddy bears

Big Sister and Little Sister bears

So, today is dedicated to my sweet Big Sister, who definitely knows have to give a perfect present.


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