The first new spring soap is now curing—Spring Fling!


I love this new soap  and it  looks and smells just like those tri-color sherbet containers with orange, raspberry, and lime. But, this soap has a grown-up twist with the floral scents of of peonies, neroli, violet, and juniper berries acting as finishing notes.

The “Dreamsicle” fragrance gave me a few problems by accelerating trace, I had a  hard time pouring the soap in this faux funnel design because it wanted to harden in the pot! Still no worries, the soap came out beautiful!

 This soap will be available the week of the 2nd of April.

This was also the first time I’ve used my brand spanking new wooden mold (I’d been using silicon.) It is amazing and gives the soap nice crisp lines. It doesn’t help me cut straighter bars though…so I get lots of scraps.

That leads me to my great new (to me) cause Clean the World! Clean the World collects and distributes soap and soap scraps in developing countries to fight the spread of disease. I learned about from another great soapmakerm Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks . I will be donating my (many) scraps to help this organization.


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