Eden’s Rivers Hits a Milestone

When people turn 50, they either celebrate or wonder how they could have done things better.

Many do both. So what does a person do when they’ve had their 50th sale?

After a couple of months of part-time selling on eBay Eden’s Rivers  has hit a milestone. We’ve received our “blue star.” Of course, eBay doesn’t count the sells we’ve had locally, but it still feels like a great milestone number to celebrate! It has been a lot of trial and error managing prices, maintaining an inventory, and trying to make a name in an established market, but I’m glad to look back on it and see how much better we are now than then.

It’s also a time to look at our buyers. Are they enjoying the products?  Is there any way we can improve? Well I’m glad to say Eden’s Rivers has a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay! Some of the highlights include:

Prduct is better than described!!! Great Seller!!!!!

Thanks. My mom will love this! (Lady Jane (Honey and Bergamot Soap)

Great buy!!!  Loved it!! (Cellulite Fighting Organic Coffee Soap + Free Gift with purchase!)

Bar of soap and a gift arrived.   I am completely delighted. (Orchid and Pineapple Handcrafted Cold Pressed Soap + FREE GIFT with purchase!)

I thoroughly enjoyed the soap! (Helen of Troy (Rosemary Citrus Soap)

A+++++++++ Seller !!! Highly Recommend !! Thank you 🙂 (Guinevere (Jasmine Goat’s Milk Soap) + *Free Philosophy product with purchase*)

perfect! thanks!!! (*Free Philosophy product with purchase of Keep Calm and Take a Bath Soap)

This includes our new handmade soaps and other bath and body products–Sling Fling, the Shea butter mousse, and our 100% natural soap Grapefruit Mint. I hope our buyers continue to enjoy the products and that we continue to improve our services.  As usually, I love questions and comments, so feel free to ask! I hope I can report that Eden’s Rivers hits its next milestone soon!

Shea Butter Mousse

Spring Fling

100% Natural Grapefruit Mint


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