Are Job Personality Quizzes Effective?



Wouldn’t it be easy if all you had to do was take a test and it predicts your future? Well, I guess only if you like the job the test picks.  Each time I go to a student job fair they seem inclined to make me take one of those tests.  They always come out slightly different. Today I am “Green.”   It’s hard being green.

Congratulations! You are a primary green. You are an exceptionally creative problem solver who brings your ability to think outside the box to the workplace. 

You are a conceptual, analytical, and logical thinker. To you knowledge is power and your insatiable thirst for understanding and information is what drives you. You are an incredible problem solver but once the goal is accomplished you lose interest and need to move on. The challenge is in the ideas and not the details or implementation of your creations. Leave those things to another type that enjoys doing these things.

You are an independent worker who detests routine and prefers to work alone on projects and you often gravitate toward leadership roles. You could be a good computer programmer, scientist or researcher. You usually find entrepreneur and independent contract work appealing, but see the book for a more thorough list.”

ImageThis all sounds fine, and there may be some true in it. I am working independently in crafting bath care products.  However. I don’t have a mind for science or computers. It could also apply to just about anyone.  So do you find these test to be effective? How did you choose to be who you are?


5 thoughts on “Are Job Personality Quizzes Effective?

  1. I did a test in my 20’s, it was called a “JIGCAL”. A multiple choice questionaire about things that you enjoy doing, with a personality test included in the questions. The end result according to your answers gave you a list of the types of employment you would be suited to. It was pretty accurate to my choices. I think this was a University run questionaire. The tests you are talking about I think are really just for fun. The questions are too pre-set and not random enough.

      • I’ve had a variety of jobs since leaving school 20 years ago. Dental Nurse, Bingo Caller, Cashier in a betting shop, Housekeeper and so on. The worst job I ever did was work in a factory for 6 months packing biscuits. No questionaire can give you experience and variety you have to try it out for yourself. Life surprises you. Something you probably would never have considered might just float your boat and bring you more joy than something you chose as a career option. Go with your personality and things that make you want to get up for, not just to make money.

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