Weekend Reading :: June 2, 2012

A great list for weekend reading. Especially check out the strawberry jam. It looks amazing. I’m going to have to try it!

raising vintage kids in a modern world

The Natural Mother’s Network :: How to make strawberry jam without pectin or processed sugar taste sensational.  This is brilliant!

Modern Alternative Mama :: 10 Areas of Motherhood Where I Fail.  What a great, stress relieving post!  If you’re a mama to kids of any age, read this to see how superhuman we mothers are not.

The Provision Room :: Prepared For A Picnic.  As the days here are getting warmer and longer, we’re finding more reasons (and opportunities) to eat outside!  Having a pre-stocked picnic basket is a great idea!

A Pretty Life In The Suburbs :: DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash.  As the seasons change and produce abounds at the grocery store and the farmer’s market, take a few minutes and use this easy recipe to get off that nasty residue!

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