100 Reasons to Buy Eden’s Rivers Soap #99

 Reasons to Buy Eden’s Rivers Soap #99:

It’s the Great Unsticker

According to RealSimple magazine, soap is the best “unsticker” you can own.

red door with white picket fence

Do you have a door that won’t quite close? Just rub a bar of soap over the inner frame of the door.

This trick also works well for drawers that don’t glide open properly.  You rub the bar along the wheels and edges of the drawer. The scent of the bar will also keep your clothes and room smelling fresh if you tuck the bar into the drawer too.

Plastic and Nylon zippers Français : Comparais...A bar of soap can also unstick clothes and purse zippers that snag and don’t close properly. Just rub a bar lightly against the teeth of  the zipper and voila, you don’t have to replace your favorite skirt, purse, or jeans!


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