What’s Your Color Personality?




There’s a fun little personality quiz at RealSimple magazine that I really enjoyed taking.  It says that according to color experts, color choices  can be linked with personality. So what do your favorite colors say about you?





The quiz gives four options: Earth personality, Water personality, Fire personality, and Air personality. So which option were you?


I turned out to be a “Water” personality.  This apparently means that I am “calm, relaxing, and quick to find my own level.” Boy, how I wish that were true!  However, I do love the colors of  water: blue and green.  That’s one of the reasons my handmade soaps are called Eden’s Rivers.   In terms of decorating, my bedroom is actually blue. So, perhaps I aspire to have those personality qualities.

When I need a little calming I like to take a long shower or bath my favorite Eden’s Rivers bath bar, Bahamas Mama which is blue and  the scent of the ocean.



Air personalities are described as a “warmhearted” and “cheerful” bunch who like bright colors.  The  Tropical Island Sunset bath bar may great for anyone who likes bright colors and scents!




Earth personalities are described as “solid, grounded thinkers.” For all you deep, conscientious  thinkers, perhaps you would like a bath bar made of 100% natural ingredients like the top-selling Grapefruit & Mint bar. This bar contains a little earth, in the form of rose kaolin clay to detoxify the skin.  Another natural choice would be the Yogurt Parfait bar with is made from alpha-hydroxy rich yogurt.





Fire personalities are bright and charming. They are passionate and never boring. Life is always exciting for people with this personality type, so why not celebrate it with a Strawberries and Champagne bath bar!  These bars have the perfect mix of effervescent champagne and bright berries to make everyday a party.




Everything is so much better with variety, don’t you think! While this quiz may not be comprehensive, it is interesting. Maybe they’re just for fun, or maybe they really give you insight into what’s going on upstairs in your mind. Do you feel like you fit into these personality types or are you a combination of all of them? Do you wish you had a different “color personality?” I always wish I had a little extra fire in my step, but how can there be fire and water at the same time?


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