Hot Springs and Bathhouses

Water Fountain outside The Arlington Hotel

I haven’t posted lately because I‘ve been on vacation to Hot Springs! Yes, I actually got to go on a vacation this year! Rejoicing and hosannas aside, I actually did a ton of soap making related research during this trip. Well, a ton might be an overestimate; I did some research after taking lovely hikes in the beautiful mounts, dining out, and a cruise …

The Bathhouses

Hot Springs, Arkansas is known for its early twentieth century bathhouses. You use soap to bathe, see the connection! The first thing we did was go visit the Fordyce Bathhouse. This bathhouse is now a museum dedicated to maintaining the site as it was at the turn of the century. It is amazing and beautiful. The marble floors and stained glass windows are the epitome of luxury.

It is also a little…disturbing. The various devices used to “pamper” the guests at this bathhouse look more like medieval torture devices or something out of a bondage fetish. But, even today, people are willing to suffer in the name of beauty treatments…

The Hot Springs 

The reason there are so many bathhouses in Hot Springs is the naturally occurring geothermal springs. For centuries, people have considered this water healing and restorative.

According to Spavelous magazine, “Trace amounts of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and lithium are absorbed by the body and provide healing effects to various body organs and system. These healing effects can include stimulation of the immune system, leading to enhanced immunity; physical and mental relaxation; the production of endorphins; and normalized gland function.”

Of course, I decided to make soap with it. I got my jugs together, filled them up with the mineral rich water, and lugged it all the way back home. Trust me, it was a battle getting them into my suitcase!

I made two of the four kinds of soap I want to make with it. The first one is Rose Garden and the second is Chocolate Mint. I increased the superfat by 1% so that it will be extra moisturizing as well as made from hot springs water.

I don’t have pictures of the Rose soap yet, but it was made with the faux funnel technique and is very pretty. The Chocolate Mint is my favorite. I promise it smells like a candy bar. It is luscious, yummy, and sensual. I can smell the lingering aroma every time I pass it. It can’t be ready soon enough. I can’t wait until September to try it.  Sweet and healthy, who would have guessed?










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