Breast Cancer and Cosmetic Products

There is nothing scarier than hearing your doctor say the word cancer.

A few months ago I noticed something was different about my left breast. I shrugged it off. It’s probably nothing. Still, I decided to tell my doctor on my next routine visit.  He checked it out and said it’s probably nothing, but I needed some tests to make sure it’s not cancer. I only heard the word cancer.

I could only think that I’m in my 20’s. People in their twenties don’t get breast cancer.  I just had to wait for the tests to be sure.

This lead to a  the most stressful weeks of my life. Waiting to be tested is horrible. It is waiting to know if your life is going to change, it’s waiting to see if you are about the face the biggest battle of your life. But, you can’t just wait. You have to do something. What I did was research. If I was about to go into battle, then I needed the proper weapons. I needed to know what changes I could make, what I could do now instead of waiting.

I looked into  foods that fight cancer. I read about the chemicals that promote cancer. And even though it turned out I didn’t have breast cancer, I learned something.

The synthetic fragrances in soaps can contain cancer causing chemicals The Breast Cancer Fund website states, “Although it’s just one little word on the ingredient label, “fragrance” can contain dozens, even hundreds, of chemicals—including hormone-disrupting phthalates, synthetic musks, and ethylene oxide. Fragrance manufacturers claim the formulas are confidential business information.”

What This Means For Eden’s Rivers

At Eden’s Rivers we pride ourselves on making pure, natural products. Eden’s Rivers stands by its commitment to its customers and to society as a whole to first, do no harm and to provide the best body care product possible. When this information came to our attention, and in the face of my personal experience, we have made the decision to reformulate all of our soaps and bath products so that they do not contain “fragrance” but only natural essential oils. Many of our soaps and bath care products are already made with natural essential oils , but starting in October all new products will be 100% natural and the old bars will be phased out and replaced


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