New Inspirations for Natural Colors

With the new 100% natural soaps it is harder to make colors, but I am determined to continue making color soaps with natural additives.

My new post-cancer-scare  soaps will be inspired by living beautiful things. For my new soap the inspiration is this picture:Image

I think these colors will be lovely for a spring soap! I love the beauty of the light green and pale pink waterlilies combined with the flow of the cream gown and the firm, almost moss-like chair. She looks like a water nymph from myth and legend! Who could not be inspired? I plan on finding all these colors from natural clay and spices. But, now what scent should it be and what colorants will I find to use?  Should it be a layered soap or have a dreamy marbled effect. Suggestions appreciated!

3 thoughts on “New Inspirations for Natural Colors

  1. I love that picture! It’s so beautiful. I would love to see a soap that embraces these colors, I would love an almost watercolor swirled effect. I think that would be good, especially if you aren’t using artifical colors..Keep us informed!

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