A river issued out of the Garden of Eden…

Eden has come to symbolize purity untouched by corruption.

Four rivers sprang up in the garden of Eden that went on to encircle the earth. Eden has come to symbolize purity, beauty, and the abundance of nature. Today, Eden’s Rivers strives to repeat history, but in the good way. We provide handcrafted soaps and body care products that aim for those same qualities of purity and beauty while respecting the planet we have inherited.

  Our natural ingredients including organic essential oils and herbs, create effective and luxurious body care products that our customers can enjoy. Each item is handmade in small batches with minimal preservatives and allowed to cure for up to 8 weeks. It is then inspected to ensure that  our customers receive the highest quality products.

Our promise? To create natural products for natural beauty. Not superficial beauty, but to create grace and beauty in everything we make and everyone we touch.

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