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The Origins of Soap: What is Soap?

Wash your hands, young man (lady)! It is everywhere –from bathroom signs to that age-old parental declaration—you should wash your hands. But, exactly what is soap, and how does soap, a product made from fat and ash, actually clean? It’s in the science. Yep, I mean the science of cleaning. As mentioned in the first article in … Continue reading

The Origins of Soap I

At the dawn of human history, there was man. Well, perhaps not this man, but you get the picture. Fighting off various woolen wild animals and discovering fire makes man and his clothes dirty. How to correct this smelly problem? Early man—more likely early woman—would have used a nearby stream or river to clean these … Continue reading

homemade cola syrup

This recipe from over at Krista and Jess is just what this blog is dedicated to. Making what you love! I will be making this soon homemade cola syrup.