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Eden’s Rivers  Hits a Milestone

Eden’s Rivers Hits a Milestone

When people turn 50, they either celebrate or wonder how they could have done things better. Many do both. So what does a person do when they’ve had their 50th sale? After a couple of months of part-time selling on eBay Eden’s Rivers  has hit a milestone. We’ve received our “blue star.” Of course, eBay doesn’t count … Continue reading

New eBay Store for Eden’s Rivers

Eden’s Rivers has a new eBay Store! I am so excited about the new eBay Store. I just finished adding in this season’s soap last night and I’ve already gone two bids! I’m doing a little happy dance right now!

The Origins of Soap: What is Soap?

Wash your hands, young man (lady)! It is everywhere –from bathroom signs to that age-old parental declaration—you should wash your hands. But, exactly what is soap, and how does soap, a product made from fat and ash, actually clean? It’s in the science. Yep, I mean the science of cleaning. As mentioned in the first article in … Continue reading